Date: 12月 30th, 2009
Cate: 使いこなし


SUMOのThe Gold、The Powerのマニュアルには「ELECTROSTATIC SPEAKERS」の項目がある。

While both amplifiers (The Power and The Gold) are fully capable of driving electrostatic speaker, we feel that the Gold is more suited to this kind of application. Also, please be aware that “The Power” may have far too much output VOLTAGE potential under certain circumstances with most electrostatic devices. Such would be the case for example, in attempting to drive the QUAD electrostatics. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would you ever attempt to use either of these amplifiers to drive the QUADs as virtual destruction is assured for the speaker. We feel that due to its restricted output voltage capabilities, the forthcoming “NINE” 70 watt Class A amplifier will be ideally suited for driving the QUAD.

SUMOのラインナップは、The Powerとその半分の出力のThe Half、
The Goldとその半分の出力のThe Nineがあり、
QUADのESLを、The Goldで、私は鳴らしていた。

The Goldだったから、あんなに狭い部屋でもESLが鳴った。

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